Tilly Boakye

Hi everyone,if you have just stumbled across this blog,I would like to introduce myself to you.

My name is Tilly and I am a video content creator and a writer.

My goal is to educate people on some of the life lessons I have come to learn in relationships,money etc fully appreciating that I am a work in progress and there’s still more to learn.

This is going to be an extension of my thoughts on certain topics so I am hoping as always that it will be useful and a blessing.

I will be sharing some ideas on relationship,money,confidence and navigating career options.

I decided to go public with blogging after years of leaving it because I realised that a lot of people I spoke to did not know about some of the things that I have come to learn. I figured what better way than to share this than online.

Essentially I am hoping to connect with mainly postgraduates and anyone who is trying to figure out what their purpose is and how they can live a fulfilling life while contributing their best to the world.

I’m hoping these are a good reflection of my intentions with this blog so I hope to see you in my first post very soon.


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