Commitment to fear

Fear not for I am with thee,do not be dismayed for I am your Lord.I will uphold you with my right hand-Isaiah 41:10

I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of fear for a few days now and realised upon seeing an IG post that for fear to have its course or be anchored,someone has to be COMMITTED to it.

Here’s what I’m saying,I realised that commitment is a verb and not just a noun so for you to constantly be fearful,you should have determined unconsciously to be committed to maintaining your fear.You are basically l adamant on letting it stay with you and you won’t allow yourself or anyone to challenge you to move it out the way.

You are essentially setting the wheels in motion everytime you wake up and energise this thing you are afraid of to rule you.

You churn it and give it life and exert your energy by reminding it that it has power over you.

If we are honest with ourselves,how many times have we told ourselves that we can’t do something because of A,B or C?

We rehearse reasons and excuses as to why we can’t do things,have what we want to have,apply for certain jobs,be with this person,drive this or that car etc

Might I add,that this usually comes off the back of negative self talk,inadequacy,self esteem,previous failures,previous rejections,awareness of the disfavour on your life etc.

I’ve been thinking about all these things abd looking at ways to challenge myself in areas that I’ve unconsciously committed to fearing and as I do so I’m aware I have friends on here who will be keen to do similar introspection.

What are you afraid of?

What have you dedicated and committed to be afraid of?

Think on these and write 3 things.

I promise you,you will move a mountain or 2 and breakthroughs will come out of this if you are able to identify,challenge and relieve yourself of the burden to commit to fearing that thing.

If you would like some help on this,email me at

I will be happy to help❤️