Update-Almost end of year

The end of the year has a way of forcing everyone to take stock of some things in their life.

For me,I usually tend to examine my health,my budget for the last quarter and my relationships with people.

Spending has been a bit of a joke this year as I’ve had a lot of rainy days with unemployment at some point and pregnancy the last few months.

I’ve had to reconsider my spending and manage it for the sake of my baby so much so that for the first time in my life I did nothing on my birthday in October btw and will probably not celebrate it in anyway(we’ll see)

My credit score too has taken a dip and if I’m honest I’m embarrassed to share the actual score figure right now.

I will tell you what my observations are in terms of what caused the dip and what I plan on doing to fix this problem that seems to rear it’s ugly head every now and then.

The main culprit has been late payments!!!

As you know,this reflects on your ability to pay or your commitment to clearing or paying debt you owe which is never a good look.Credit companies look at your repayment history and reflect it on your credit file.

As annoying as it may seem when you see dips,it serves as a challenge to work harder at building your credit and being disciplined with your spending and sticking to your budget.

Christmas is just round the corner and everything purchaseable is screaming at you to buy it.For me,I’m exercising a lot of self control this year and making sure I hit my savings goal and pay off at least one of my lowest debt at the minute(lowell debt of £294).I’m still doing the snowball effect.

I’m confident my credit score will look a little nicer in January or February and I will come on here to boast a little and show you what I have being able to accomplish.

Till then,those on the same journey,do your due diligence,copy me,have some discipline and let’s build our credits together.

Seasons greetings everyone,Tilly❤️

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