December 2022

I woke up this morning from a notification from clearscore that my credit score had gone up.Yayyy,I must say I was very happy despite the increase not being a very significant one.

I have worked the whole of this year with the intention and agenda to increase my score and clear some debt and I am very happy to announce it has happened.

I had a very debt that was long standing and had almost £600 to clear as my goal before the end of the year and I have realised that I’ve only got £42 left to pay on 28th December as my last payment instalment to completely clear that debt.How marvellous is that?

Moving onto exciting things,I got my first credit card yesterday with a credit limit of £700 after years of working to improve my credit.The APR is over 30% which is not great and not adviseable but I need to build credit so this is a deliberate decision that I’m hoping will favour me if all things go well.

Hope all is well with everyone btw?

Anyways,I will share a few more posts about how I have discovered paying surveys from the IG finance community and how I’ve managed to earn over £110 in the last 3 months.I could have earned more but my mommy duties kept calling so this is not too bad.

Cheers to getting money wise and seasons greetings to everyone🎄❤️

1st post of 2022-January ending

Happy New everyone.I hope it’s not too late to still be dropping this line.January has felt quite long although not as long as I anticipated which is great.

I started off the new year with my NYRs and vision board and have a clear agenda to clear remaining debt and build credit properly this year using payment facilities like clearpay.I know,I know what you are thinking,isn’t that a bad idea?

It’s not if you know how to use it.This is not an ad from them but I stumbled accross it accidentally first week of January and decided to give it a go and surprisingly I haven’t been disappointed.

For anyone who doesn’t know,it’s a facility or a feature you find on some websites to purchase items from the website to split the payments,paying 1st instalment at time of purchase of item followed by subsequent payments at a later date.It works the same way as after pay,laybuy,split etc

I’ve managed to restock my kit as MUA(I bet that’s something you didn’t know about me but welcome on board anyways)

It’s been such an easy thing to do paying every other 2 weeks using it as opposed to carrying the burden of paying full price for something when you don’t want to use up your money.

Now,I must warn you.If you are not great at paying back ON TIME,this is not for you as you accrue £6 charge(s) if you do not pay on the day much like how you would get interest on a credit card.

For anyone reading this thinking uhhh this is clever,there is a cap on how much you can borrow for each period so feel free to apply,purchase some much NEEDED things only,pay back ON TIME and watch what progress you can make with your credit building.

Now I can’t say it’s beneficial for you in the long term in terms of building your credit as I have only used it for a month but it’s worth a shot if you don’t want to fork out a huge sum of money in a go for any purchase.

Again,do pay back ON TIME and don’t say u didn’t warn you.

On another note,what are your personal development or personal finance goals for Feb?Comment below.