Happy Hump Day

It’s Wednesday today and I’m wondering what I’m going to be doing with my life.

For the past few months,since lockdown,Wednesdays have a been awkward for me and I’m always left wondering and quite honestly lost as I don’t do a 9-5.

I usually resort to watching finance videos on YouTube and just catch up on general content as I believe it is learning or investment in myself.

I’ve been pretty productive in the last few weeks,thankfully and it’s felt rewarding although I can see how tired I could get if I don’t organise myself well in the next few days.Productivity is not always sustainable and can cause burnout so I’m mindful of that in every way.

What do you in the middle of the week?

Do you reflect on the previous days or look forward to weekend and rest?

Comment below,we all need ideas after all.

Xx Tilly

Happy 2021

Hey guys

It’s been a while since I blogged but I thought I’d get back on this and make myself accountable.

2020 was something.I’m not sure how to feel about it even now but I always try to give thanks when I remember some of the wonderful things God did.

One of my NYR for 2021 was to blog(write) more and create more content on YouTube and Instagram.

For this year,I really want to focus on money as I’ve had many challenges with money especially in the last year.

More of the talk will be on saving,investing and developing decent budgeting and money habits in general.

I’m hoping more of you can join me as I embark on improving my credit score this year and my finances in general.

I will leave this here and prep to draft my next content for here and my other platforms.

Thanks for reading as always and hope you enjoy this year and the best of what it has to offer.


Lockdown update

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well despite the challenging times.I thought I’d do a quick update about whats going on.

Life has been incredibly slow and we have all been left waiting for how things will unravel in the upcoming months.

I, like you have been left to a new home routine and I’m coping with my new life while appreciating the goodness of God in these times.

I would like to encourage you to hold on to your faith and your hope in the Lord in these trying times. Utilise your time wisely and make something out of this moment while you are at it. Thats what i have honestly tried to do and it has kept me sound.

For now,be in prayer as you prepare for the new release of the grace of God following this period.Stay sound and strong.