How January 2023 went…

We are a few days into February 2023 and as always I can’t help but do some reflection on how the previous month went.

I tend to revisit my budget at this time normally, examine the areas where I leaked money as well as areas where I think I lived with an inflated lifestyle mindset then decide the course of action for the new month.

On reflection,I did go a bit crazy needing change and ended up spending quite a bit on stuff to update the look of my room.

I bought a new study desk and replaced my wardrobe which cost me just over £277 I wasn’t prepared to hemmorhage but I did anyways hoping it will be a great investment and set the tone for me wanting to live more active, proactive and productive life this year as opposed to a sedentary one.I really do hope it pays off and I can get a return on what I will call an investment at this point.

Looking at my January expenses, let’s just say, after careful consideration, the most sensible thing for me to do this month and beyond, is to look at ways to increase my income as cutting back can only do so much for me with the income I have.

Id be super transparent and declare my income right now but I don’t think I’m comfortable doing that just yet so I will wait for a future post so you can get a better perspective of what I am saying when I say I need to earn more.

One main thing I have discovered I need to cut back on at the moment though is streaming subscriptions.

I currently have Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV. I also had Disney Plus which I have cancelled as I can barely watch all of this together with the youtube content that I am currently consuming.I am leaning towards keeping Netflix only but again I will update you in a future post.

I also realised that I needed to cancel my Graze subscription which I have just done just before this post as its a waste of money at this point.I am not sure I need it as Im home all the time and practically eat all day.

I will be reviewing other areas of my budget and cut down on another expense in February as I have a “huge”saving goal I am working on this year.

My goal of February is to not make any unplanned purchases and live within my means so let the discipline begin.

Please feel free to share some of your February budgeting or money goals below.

As always, until the next post.x