December 2022

I woke up this morning from a notification from clearscore that my credit score had gone up.Yayyy,I must say I was very happy despite the increase not being a very significant one.

I have worked the whole of this year with the intention and agenda to increase my score and clear some debt and I am very happy to announce it has happened.

I had a very debt that was long standing and had almost £600 to clear as my goal before the end of the year and I have realised that I’ve only got £42 left to pay on 28th December as my last payment instalment to completely clear that debt.How marvellous is that?

Moving onto exciting things,I got my first credit card yesterday with a credit limit of £700 after years of working to improve my credit.The APR is over 30% which is not great and not adviseable but I need to build credit so this is a deliberate decision that I’m hoping will favour me if all things go well.

Hope all is well with everyone btw?

Anyways,I will share a few more posts about how I have discovered paying surveys from the IG finance community and how I’ve managed to earn over £110 in the last 3 months.I could have earned more but my mommy duties kept calling so this is not too bad.

Cheers to getting money wise and seasons greetings to everyone🎄❤️