Payment history-Credit karma

This year has been a bit of a rough year although very good in some ways overall if I’m honest.In terms of my finances though,as already mentioned in my previous post,I could have done better.

I knew my payment history was quite bad but i didn’t realise how bad until I received an email this morning from ClearScore re my credit score.

I decided to check my payment history and I am gobsmacked!Lets just say I will leave my credit score to your imagination because I just can’t share it😂

On to a better year(prays silently)

Here is my payment history so y’all can appreciate that you are not the only one.

Kick ass in the last few days of this year if you can though by reducing your spending and increasing your earnings(if possible) that’s if you are able to do that.

I will try my very best over here too!

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